Is There Any Crash Data I Can Get From My Tesla?

You got into an accident in your Tesla and are wondering, “is there any crash data I can get from my car?” Yes! Most car manufacturers, including Tesla, store EDR data in the airbag control module of a car.

What is EDR?

EDR is the acronym for “Event Data Recorder.” An Event Data Recorder (EDR) is a function or device installed in a motor vehicle to record…

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Tesla EDR Data Tool and Retrieval

Downloading EDR data from your Tesla can be done using the Tesla EDR tool. Tesla currently provides a free online service at…

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Supported Models and Retrieval Guides

Today, most vehicles on the road contain an event data recorder (EDR). A vehicle’s EDR is capable of recording and storing…

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Looking to download Tesla EDR Data?

Click below to visit to learn more about purchasing the Tesla EDR Tool Kit.


Need an Expert?

The Crash Hub expert directory allows the user to search for accident reconstruction experts covering a variety of specialties including EDR experts using the Bosch CDR Tool, the Telsa EDR Tool, the Hyundai EDR Tool and the Kia EDR Tool.

About Crash Data Group

Crash Data Group is a distributor for Event Data Recorder (EDR) tools. We work directly with Bosch, Tesla and GIT to offer tools and resources that assist individuals with retrieving EDR crash data from supported vehicles. The EDR tools we offer come directly from the manufacturer and are used to access “black box”, crash data stored in passenger vehicles.