Tesla EDR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Q: Can EDR tools get video or pictures from my Tesla? If so, how?

A: Currently, no, EDR tools do not download video or images from Tesla Vehicles, nor do the airbag control modules save video or images. Video and/or images from your Tesla may reside in the user installed and configured memory stick.

Q: Does Tesla have my data? If so, how do I request data from Tesla?

A: Tesla may or may not have your data. You can check or request by signing into: www.tesla.com/contactus

Further instructions can be found at: https://www.tesla.com/support/privacy

Q: Does the EDR record date, time, or GPS locations?

A: No, EDR does not record the date, time, and location of the vehicle. Instead, it records ignition cycles.

Q: What are ignition cycles?

A: An Ignition cycle occurs every time the vehicles electrical system is powered on.

Q: Should I purchase Tesla EDR Equipment?

A: Typically, the main consumer base for EDR equipment, is law enforcement, insurance companies, and private investigators. If you are wondering whether you should Purchase EDR equipment or not, call us at (800) 280-7940.

About Crash Data Group

Crash Data Group is a distributor for Event Data Recorder (EDR) tools. We work directly with Bosch, Tesla and GIT to offer tools and resources that assist individuals with retrieving EDR crash data from supported vehicles. The EDR tools we offer come directly from the manufacturer and are used to access “black box”, crash data stored in passenger vehicles.